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Start date- Uktar 4, 1402

The party, having traveled peacefully along the trade road the follows the northern banks of the Rauvin River, arrives at the borders of Silverymoon.

Aurellion becomes aware of a colossal magical aura that begins around 3000 ft from the city itself.

The group enters the city through the western gate. An encounter there with the city watch gives a glimpse of the magic that has been reinfused into the city. With a whispered word, the guard is able to magically “peace-bind” the weapons of each party member. After this, the group is allowed to ask questions about the rules and laws of the city as well as receive a simple map noting some of the most high profile and well known destinations within Silverymoon. After a brief search around the city, the group settles on an inn called the Golden Oak.

The inn was created using elven and druidic magic to shape living trees into a super-structure in the shape of a two story building. The main entry way is dominated by the inn's namesake – a massive, squat oak tree whose boughs reach up over twenty feet. The lower branches have been shaped and flattened to serve as dinning platforms for the inn's more nimble patrons. Tables sit shaped from the branches themselves while a magically crafted stairway spirals up and around the trees trunk.

The party arranges for a 10g per night room, which gets them a central conference room with four adjoining bed rooms. Located on the second floor and well away from the revelry of the open oak dinning room, the group finds a sanctuary of relative peace to plan their next move.

Visits to the Conclave of Silverymoon, and its core embodied in the Lady's college, allows for those party members who chose to do so to employ the magical artisans in residence there to begin work on upgrades for their weapons and armor. The process requires a week and a half of work, which give the group plenty of time to explore the city and gather what information they can about the kidnapped prince, as well as their absent friend Cardin Lassail.

In due time, the upgrades and research sought by the group are completed, and one of Cardin's performances is taken in. However, the reunion after the show is cut short. Sometime after midnight, Cardin's lead bodyguard rushes back to the amphitheater on the south side of the Rauvin river with a badly wounded Senke on his shoulder, and a pair of sword under his arm. Barely conscious, Senke is unable to relay what happened to him before Darmorel, Lex, Aurellion, and Briggs (the body guard) rush out into the night to search for Senke's attacker... and their other missing companion, Magnus. The party returns to the dockside warehouse where Briggs heard the sound of someone screaming. Once inside, the party makes a grizzly discovery. There, on the stone floor of the warehouse is the trifurcated blood mess of flesh and bones that was Magnus. The party follows Briggs' pursuit path that led him to Senke. Following it further, via Darmorel's animal senses, they trace an unrecognized scent to the docks. Once there the group questions a nearby ship-hand who relays to them that he saw what looked like a child dragging a small, misshapen oar behind him, leap into the frigid waters of the Rauvin. Despite Darmorel's best aerial reconnaissance efforts, the trail goes cold.

The party is forced to return to the warehouse where the city watch has arrived. After providing the watch with what information they can, the party employs the assistance of a cleric of Kelemvor to try and discover what happened to Magnus. Via a Speak with Dead spell, the party asks Magnus' severed head three questions. The information is cryptic, but not entirely unhelpful. The final question yields the answer of “You shall know by bloodline by our eyes” referencing to the odd purple-shade of eyes inherent within Magnus' family. After this, Magnus' body is stripped of its flesh by a spell from Darmorel and his bones consigned to the waters of the Rauvin. With no faith to turn to for any specific burial rights, the party is left to mourn for their lost friend, now consigned to an afterlife on the Fugue plane as part of the wall that surrounds the city of Kelemvor's crystal spire.

The party returns to find Senke awake and alive, but emotionally distraught. He relays what happened: the pursuit of the halfling warrior from a nearby bar into the warehouse, the ensuing battle, the uncanny ability of the halfling to avoid the attacks of both Senke and Magnus, Magnus' brutal death, Senke's subsequent pursuit of the fleeing halfling and the critical wound he suffered in the alleyways between the warehouses from the halfings relatively large, curved sword. The death of Magnus weighs heavy on the elf who is left to mourn while the rest of the group resolves to finish the pursuit and do their best to save the lost prince.

To help the group, Cardin sends Briggs along to assist in his absence. Together, the four set out from Silverymoon heading south towards Everlund, then east towards Jalanthar and the border with the Shadow Marches. What information the group manages to gather indicates no other destination for the prince and his kidnappers.

The trek is grueling and the dangers encountered along the way are many. After more than a ten-day the party arrives in Jalanthar. There the group quickly tries to assess the town to see if their quarry is still present. While scrying for the prince or his captors, the party is set upon by a mysterious attacker. Initially, the black-robed entity vanishes after unsuccessfully attempting to teleport away with Lex. From there a dizzying set of events separates the party in terms of distance and time. After less than a minute, Lex alone is left to face off with what Aurellion correctly identifies as a time flayer, just before he is temporarily removed from the time stream. Teleporting at will between the separated party members, the time flayer nearly slays Lex before Aurellion reenters the time stream and drives the temporal entity away. Darmorel and Briggs are left to slowly navigate a strangely familiar dungeon. As the two near the exit, they too are attacked by the partially rejuvenated time flayer. It is soon driven off by the two and does not return to harass them further. Using Darmorel's druidic magic, the two travel through the roots of Faerun back to their other companions. Lex and Aurellion, left to recover themselves in Jalanthar attempt to sort out what had just occurred when the other half of the group rejoins them.

The two halves of the group share their experiences. In the mean time, Lex pulls from his HHH the mysterious opalescent plate discovered in Magnus' backpack back in Silevrymoon. It is vibrating and aglow with magical power. Moments later, the party is met by an old familiar face. The lady Illugan strolls towards them and conveys to them that all is well. She explains that the object in their possession is one of her scales, left with Magnus to make it easier for her to keep an eye on him. She goes on to explain that she had located the Shadovar slavers whom the Orog and his halfling companion had arranged to sell the young prince to. She purchased the prince from the two and as soon as she could transported him back to her stronghold. Cryptically, she offers little else in the way of explanation for this action other than to say the young prince had much to learn and prepare for before returning to Palatinus, and, as the last of his bloodline, could not be left to the whims of fate.

Satisfied by their benefactors explanation, the group departs Jalanthar with a swirling mix of emotions to sort through...

End date- Nightal 2, 1402

"It is always those who are closest that shall wound you deepest..."

Vendan Ka'Xain, to Elaina of Night as she led her insurrection against him.


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